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DeLong Equipment’s Knowledgeable Staff Delivers Exceptional Deburring Equipment and Services

Since 1967, DeLong Equipment has provided reliable deburring services, including maintenance and rebuild services. Offering a full range of equipment, parts, and services, we are premier providers for the surface preparation and finishing industry. We supply blasting equipment, blasting abrasives, vibratory finishing equipment, media, compounds, parts washers, and dust collection equipment. Our well-equipped facility has all the machinery needed to provide customers with exceptional in-house deburring operations. We are consistently improving and acquiring the latest product technology and knowledge to meet the market demands. We use our equipment, expertise, technique and manpower to give your job the finish it requires.

Rosler Metal Finishing: 80 Years of Providing Complete Deburring Solutions

For over 80 years, The Rösler Group has provided the most comprehensive range of surface finishing and surface preparation equipment, consumables, and services. Our highly trained staff will help you develop a cost-effective solution with our standalone machines and complete lines of deburring and sand blasting equipment. Here at Rösler, our company slogan is, “Finding a better way”. We are committed to improving and innovating to ensure our customers thrive in the competitive global marketplace.

Try Magnetic Deburring

A deburring machine can take the rough, unfinished edges of a metal piece and smooth them away to create a finished product that can perform its intended function. When machining metal parts, many machines leave unwanted burrs and slivers of metal on the outside edges of the part. Deburring the parts removes the unwanted pieces and exposes the final piece.

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The History of Deburring

Deburring machines have been in use for hundreds, and maybe thousands, of years. The machines use an agitation process to bump different materials around with another material that smoothes and polishes the surface of the object, eliminating imperfections and giving the finished object a glossy shine. Original tumblers were used to polish rocks, shine jewelry, remove imperfections from ancient tools, and to shape and polish wood. Modern deburring machines are designed to remove the metal burrs and other imperfections from tools in the manufacturing process. Other machines clean the surface of parts, removing rust and contamination.

Deburring Machinery with American Charm: OTEC Precision Finish

In 1996 OTEC GMBH opened in Straubenhardt Germany. A short couple years later in 1998 OTEC Precision Finish opened its doors in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. As OTEC’s North American partner OTEC Precision Finish has all of the exceptional products that OTEC has, but right here on American soil. Here in the United States, we offer free sample parts for testing at our facilities in Rhode Island in order to better serve you. The deburring machinery that we offer is delivered to many companies in many diverse industries around the world.

New Deburring Innovations: Robots

Deburring is an important part of any part-making process. No matter whether a part is made from plastic or metal, after production, many parts have small pieces sticking out from the part where the part rested in the mold. These extra outside pieces prevent the part from being used in its current state, and the parts require additional modification before they are ready for sale. This is where a deburring machine comes into play. A deburring machine can remove the excess pieces around the part safely by gently shaking or rotating the parts in a barrel or basin against a media of some sort. This form of deburring has existed for many years.

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