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Custom Case Company Providing Cases for All Industries

Founded in 1994 from a company that originated in 1899, Custom Case Company provides solutions for all of your carrying case needs. We proudly serve our customers with the best and versatile products, at an affordable price. Our staff is flexible enough that we can ship products as urgently as requested with the same commitment to quality. No matter the size or shape, Custom Case Company will design, manufacture, repair, fasten, or reinforce any case to your needs.

Premier Pack International: Where Customers Come First

Here at Premier Pack International, we have over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom carry solutions for our customers. We operate under the core values of trust, respect and cooperation. These values are carried over into every aspect of our business, especially when we are working with you to fulfill your order.

Gifts Options for Father’s Day

There are A LOT of people on this planet, I have a feeling most have realized this by now. My graduating class alone had nearly 500 students, my sister’s class two years later had far over this number. And we were not even one of the biggest schools in the area. Then in college… way more kids. Growing up like this, it can be hard to easily determine what is yours. Everyone has the same books, similar ipods, phones and more random items. If you were on a sports team there were identical uniforms and bags. A popular solution to this problem is the use of custom made bags and cases to easily distinguish one product from another.

The Ever So Many Options to Protect Your Items

My Grandpa is constantly commenting that it’s crazy the things people come up with these days. For me, the items he is commenting on are everyday things. Usually it doesn’t even occur to me how sophisticated or impressive some things actually are. Things that ten years ago may not have existed, yet life went on, but today we can’t imagine living without them. One item, that has been around for awhile, but many people don’t take the time to appreciate are custom cases.Simple in many ways, but the items it can be made to form to are incredible. Many would think that forming a protective case around a fishing pole is highly unnecessary, but for the intense fishermen who spend a small fortune on a pole, it’s everything.

Custom Carrying Cases For Every Situation

Today, travel is a regular occurrence for most citizens. Whether it is traveling from home to work, heading up to a cottage for a weekend, or taking a long trip to Florida to escape the cold, people seem to travel a lot more than they used to. While this is a magnificent way to spice up life and get a little more out of our time here, it can also be incredibly stressful. Making sure all of the different items you want to bring along are safe can be tiresome, but for these situations custom carrying cases can be purchased to make it a little less so.