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Tuff Automation: Only Source You Need for Automated Material Handling

Specialty material handling projects call for specialty solutions. Tuff Automation is the only source you need for complete, custom automated material handling solutions. Tuff Automation combines mechanical design with controls engineering to develop turnkey systems for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Whether you need a simple conveyor component or an entire conveyor system, we provide you with thorough application engineering and integration, as well as reliable service and support.

Uniking Canada is the Ideal Source for Conveyor Systems.

Since our beginning in 2002, Uniking Canada has manufactured chains and conveyor systems for European and American manufacturers. Throughout that time, we have partnered with 9 other companies to increase our selection of chains, belts, magnetic conveyors, mesh, rollers, and more for a variety of industries. We continuously strive to innovate and create superior quality products including custom solutions for demanding requirements. Trust the experts at Uniking Canada for all your conveyor system needs.

Why You Should Trust Conveyor Craft

Conveyor Craft Incorporated was founded in 1981 and we have over 30 years of implementing turnkey materials handling systems. We are a national supplier of conveyors, conveyor systems, storage equipment, specialty equipment, and related parts and support. Our experienced staff has an outstanding record of providing creative solutions for many different system needs. We thrive on successful relationships with our clients and have a history of repeat business.

Conveyor Manufacturers: Creating the Largest Variety

The bottom line for any business is to cater to the customers every whim so that they feel so indebted to you, and so impressed by the lengths you went to make them happy and produce for them the highest quality product possible, that they never go to anyone else for their manufacturing needs. For conveyor manufacturers, the priorities are in the same ball-park but not exactly the same. Conveyors are not systems that companies commission and purchase every day because they are such large and expensive machines. Instead, they want the most superior conveyor system they can get so that it will last them a very long time and they won’t HAVE to come back to the conveyor manufacturers again. However, by utilizing conveyor technology and producing creative, innovative and the highest quality conveyors possible, referrals will happen and your conveyor manufacturing company will thrive.

A Couple Tips in Caring for Your Conveyor Systems

Considering that conveyors and conveyor systems are vital to a quick and efficient manufacturing process, knowing how to properly care for your conveyor system is important. Because conveyor systems are in constant motion during the manufacturing process, they do require a fair amount of upkeep. Also, the fact that they carry the products from material handling machine to material handling machine means they are a central factor in the running of a manufacturing company; without the conveyor system workers would have to transport products through the manufacturing process by hand, which would waste large amounts of time and expense.