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Aaron Thomas Company Offers Rapid and Precise Contract Packaging

Aaron Thomas Company is a full-service contract packager specializing in nutritional supplements and natural food packaging services. We have service locations in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Memphis. Our high speed automated packaging services allow you to bring your products to market in less time and with higher quality. Our company was established in 1973 and we have been leaders in the contract packaging industry ever since. Aaron Thomas is a founding member of the Contract Packaging Association and we continue to uphold the standards of the association.

Western Innovations Consistently Provides Premium Packaging Services.

Located in Denver, Colorado, Western Innovations is Colorado’s leader in automated packaging and assembly services. At our large facility in Denver, Western Innovations offers food and non-food packaging services to major startup customers. The plant is AIB Certified, cGMP Compliant, Organic Certified, and FDA Registered. Companies who choose to have their packaging needs met by Western Innovations will experience the benefit of lower overhead costs and a state of the art packaging facility that provides both quality and efficiency.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Valk Industries, Inc.

Valk Industries, Inc began in 1975 as a provider of engineering and fabrication services, and we have now expanded to produce and provide paper tubes and cores, custom thermoforming products, and various packaging services. Our company is run based on family values, and we are a second generation family owned corporation. Quality, service and reliability are some values that have shaped how Valk Industries operates. Valk Industries, Inc. would like you to think of them as family, a family dedicated to providing quality, service and reliability to our customers.

Benefits of Contract Packaging

Scientific and economic progress can be attributed to specialization. Societies progress when people focus on a task they excel in and trade their goods or services with one another. A modern example of this is contract packaging or fulfillment service. Why would a company pay to outsource all its packaging? Wouldn’t it be easier to do all packaging and shipping in-house, creating less steps toward a finished product? Well some companies don’t have the facilities or manpower to pull this off. It is much more efficient to get a company that specializes in packaging and storage than to train ones’ own employees to do it. A contract packaging service may have more machines and larger warehouses to suit the needs of multiple smaller companies at once.

Assemblies Unlimited: High Performance Contract Packaging

Assemblies Unlimited is a turnkey manufacturer with over 20 years of experience. Over this time this talented and distinguished company has become recognized as a reliable source of primary and secondary packaging services. Assemblies Unlimited maintains 11 plant locations across North America which means they can quickly deliver any request. Customer satisfaction is very important to Assemblies Unlimited which is why this manufacturer works with their customers as their customers’ business needs grow. This versatile supplier is certified in a multitude of areas including: AIB, SQF, IFS, GFSI, Organic and Kosher. If you have any special requests then just let Assemblies Unlimited know and they will accommodate your needs.

5 Ways Contract Packaging Can Optimize Manufacturing Processes

To be sure, outsourcing is not always the best option. The US manufacturing industry’s obsession with outsourcing over the last several decades has led to some major economic problems here at home, although it was very profitable to the companies shipping their manufacturing overseas at the time. Nevertheless, manufacturers and service providers specialize for a reason, and companies can often benefit by relying someone else’s expertise to perform certain processes. Your company may be the absolute best when it comes to manufacturing urethane casters, but affordably fitting those casters on a shelf in a space-efficient, attractive, easy-to-open package is probably not your strongest suit – unless you’re a contract packaging provider. While contract packaging certainly isn’t for everyone (environmental test chamber manufacturers, we’re looking at you), it can provide huge benefits for manufacturers tied to consumer industries. Here are a few benefits other manufacturers have found: