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Sustainable Development

I realize that this blog tends to sound more like a recycling blog than an industrial baler blog, but I really cannot help it. The fact is, recycling is on the minds of many today. Sustainability and finding a way to reuse and make the most of Earth’s resources is vital to the survival of the planet. Tuning into the news right now, you might hear about the Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. The event focuses on many issues such as jobs, energy, cities, food, water, oceans and disasters. Nearly all of these can be linked to finding sustainable and “green” options for improvement. The oceans and water systems are easily polluted and green jobs could really boost economies. It is a topic all around us, finding a way to make the planet sustainable, and starting to really take care of the Earth. And in many ways, balers are the first step. Continue reading

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Balers vs. Compactors

While balers and compactors appear to be interchangeable, they do have some slight differences. Both processes are often used by industrial manufacturers and retail management to increase space and make the items easily equipped for transportation when necessary. True, they are both used to compact materials in very similar ways, but their overall functions do vary. Compactors tend to focus primarily on waste management, while baling is able to include a larger variety of tasks. Not only do balers compact the products, they also bind the materials. Baling tasks can include recycling, agriculture, and textiles along with waste management. Continue reading

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The Compactors Crushing of the Jedi

Quick! In what movie were the heroes almost killed in a giant trash compactor?! That’s correct; the movie was Star Wars, Episode IV. While on the Death Star, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, Han Solo and Princess Leia fall into a trash compactor and are almost unable to escape. Luckily for them, C3PO and R2D2 were able to stop the compactor and free them just in time. While the compactor scene in Star Wars made for a thrilling escape and great literary reference to the Bible story of being swallowed by the whale, compactors are generally used for trash only. Continue reading

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Drum Crushers, for the Tough and Sticky Problems

Many companies end up with waste products that can’t be easily thrown away. Drums and crates for example are difficult to dispose of because of their size or the materials in them. An easy to relate to example of this problem is old paint cans. Paint cans are often tough to throw away because of the leftover paint within them. While they aren’t as hard to crush as metal drums, they can still be difficult. Not only that, but once crushed, all the paint inside can easily leak out making a mess. In instances such as these, drum crushers can come in handy. Continue reading

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How a Compactor Can Benefit Your Business

In mass production industries efficiency is a key factor in running a smooth and profitable organization. One way that efficiency can be greatly improved is by the introduction of a commercial compactor. In addition to increasing labor efficiency, introducing compactors to your workplace comes with other appealing benefits such as quick investment returns, increased productivity, improved security, better sanitation, heightened employee morale, enhanced image and better overall customer experience. Continue reading

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