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Nagel Paper: Tubes, Cores and Cans Since 1924

Nagel Paper started in 1924, making it one of the oldest family owned converting operations in the country. Our engineers have a wide range of experience in manufacturing paper tubes, cores and coin banks at the highest quality. We house the most innovative and efficient tube winding equipment in our new 35,000 square foot facility. With millions of tubes and closures on-hand we are able to provide applications to various industries including textile, label, automotive and printing to name a few.

Cardboard Coin Sleeves- Explained

Coin wraps are a necessity in many businesses, because they easily contain a specific amount of coins in each sleeve. These coin sleeves make it easier to transport money, and also take up less space than loose coins. Paper coin wraps are an alternative to larger coin banks, which are impractical for cash registers and other small storage spaces where space is limited.

Make Your Own Cardboard Coin Bank

Cardboard coin banks act just like any other coin bank to hold coins and change in one easy-access place. While it is possible to purchase ready-made cardboard boxes online in a variety of shapes, making your own bank is just as easy and more fun. Making your own bank is a simple process, but it is best to use heavyweight cardboard, as lighter cardboard can bend and tear under the weight of a large amount of change. Follow these simple directions to make your own coin bank at home. Decorated cardboard coin banks make great gifts.