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Clean Room Construction Management by Cleanroom Ceiling Systems

Cleanroom Ceiling Systems, a division of Varni Enterprises Inc., is a California-based cleanroom design/build general contractor. With over 40 years of experience, we are an industry leader in cleanroom ceiling design. We understand the importance of proper cleanroom construction, and as a result our projects meet all ISO and federal requirements. As a Cleanroom Contractor our goal is achieving the performance intent of the design.

Atmos-Tech Industries Designs and Manufactures Custom Clean Rooms

For over 40 years, Atmos-Tech Industries has been a custom designer and manufacturer of cleanrooms and contamination control equipment for many industries. We utilize the most advance technology to deliver superior quality, modern clean rooms. Creating custom solutions for your clean rooms requirements is what we do best. All of our work is fabricated in-house. As a self-sufficient manufacturer, we require no outside contractors. From design through production our teams work together to ensure you receive deluxe clean rooms and equipment produced with maximum efficiency.

MECART Excels in Quality and Customer Service

MECART is a manufacturer of modular buildings and cleanrooms. We offer design, fabrication, and installation of our products. MECART is based in Canada, but our cleanrooms are set up and used worldwide. With its integrated approach, proven system and track record, MECART is able to guarantee the compliance and performance of every cleanroom it delivers. Established in 1974, our mission has always been to be a quality-driven supplier, exceeding customer expectations through service, solutions, and flexibility.

Intuitively Designed Clean Rooms by Technical Air Products, Inc.

At Technical Air Products, we manufacture LogiClean® softwall, modular and portable cleanrooms, pass-through chambers, and high efficiency air filtration equipment. Our air filters are specifically designed for use in clean room systems of all kinds. Our high performance design was made to maximize your operational efficiency and product quality. We are located in Michigan and we offer clean room filtration support for industries like medical packaging, optical coating, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, and more.

Revolutionizing the Industry: Cleanrooms by United

Cleanrooms by United comes from Ontario, California and is working to put new research in the field. Cleanrooms by United proudly manufactures all of its products in compliance with ISO standards with a focus on continuous quality improvement. Our focus on quality is further supported by the number of world class manufacturers that rely on our systems. Our modular design is ideal for applications in the Medical Device industry, Pharmaceuticals, Electronic, Semiconductor, Food, Defense/Military, Automotive, and many more. Cleanrooms by United products are used by some of world’s leading manufacturers and research institutions due to the quality and flexibility of the products. In addition to this, our extensive experience, comprehensive product line, and nationwide installation are unmatched in the industry.

Lasco Services, Inc: Quick-Easy-Guaranteed!

From Irving, Texas comes one of the premier clean room manufacturers, Lasco Services, Inc. At Lasco Services, they combine a unique package of quality clean room products with clean room construction expertise. Since 1988, the Lasco team has been involved in the major clean room projects in Texas – Hitachi Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, Dallas Semiconductor, Alcon Laboratories, ST Microelectronics, and many others. Their teams of dedicated and seasoned engineers have been through multiple projects reinforcing their knowledge and expertise when it comes to clean rooms. This organization prides itself on being quick, easy, and guaranteed. With their wide selection of clean room services and dedication to providing their customers with hassle-free customer service, they do just that.