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Centrifuge Chicago Corporation Providing the Best Centrifuge Service for Over Eighty Years

With dependable and committed service, Centrifuge Chicago Corporation has been serving centrifuge customers for over eighty years. We offer a variety of services such as balancing, parts, field service, and technical service. Customers looking to rebuild, buy, sell, or upgrade their equipment will find what they are looking at Centrifuge Chicago Corporation.

Centrifuges: Providing Continued Opportunity for Discovery

Last Friday the space shuttle Atlantis launched into its final mission. After almost 25 years and 115 million miles logged, NASA is decommissioning the shuttle as it reorganizes and re-prioritizes. As engineers work to design the new generation of shuttles, researchers turn to a centuries-old device for continued understanding of the effects of gravity and the lack thereof. The centrifuge has been used for decades to test the limits of pilots and astronauts alike. The mechanism creates powerful g-forces, similar to those experienced during liftoff or extremely fast flight, by rotating people and objects at high speed around a central axis in a high speed centrifuge. While these human centrifuges may be the most adrenaline inducing application of the invention, the devices are actually used in the everyday operations of a number of industries.