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Top Manufacturer of Vacuum Systems in America.

National Turbine Corporation has been in Business since 1991 and we manufacture the highest quality air and gas handling blowers and exhausters, central vacuum systems and accessories to meet the most demanding system requirements. We combine top quality equipment with personal attention to your specific needs to provide you with the products and systems best suited to your unique application requirements.

Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation: Veteran Owned

Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation is a global manufacturer of industrial vacuum cleaners and industrial ventilation systems. Our company was started in 1991 and is located in York, Pennsylvania, right in the heart of Pennsylvania’s industrial center. We are a small, veteran owned business that offers custom integration and turn-key solutions and all our products are made in America. We are a world renowned company with a reputation for being innovators in the industry and offer tailored solutions to fit each of our client’s unique needs. Many of our products are energy efficient and offer other benefits to our wide client base.

Central Vacuum in the Commercial Setting

By now many of us are familiar with the concept of central vacuum systems. These convenient, in-home systems make cleaning the house much easier as they eliminate the hassle that comes with carrying around a bulky vacuum cleaner. I have had experience using central vacuums and I must say I always feel like I am a part of the future when I do. Central vacuum systems are not only for the home, however. These fantastic, effective systems can also be found in businesses.

The Central Vacuum

As a child I would spend a couple of weeks every summer with my grandparents. They lived in a small town not too far outside of Columbus, OH, in a small mobile home park. My grandfather was a retired farmer who used to work for the State of Ohio, and my grandmother was a homemaker. They originally moved into the park because the home they used to live in had a basement that was subject to mold, and mold gave my grandmother asthma.

Central Vacuum Systems and Allergies

I have never been a fan of vacuuming. I think it is probably because I, like many other people, suffer from dust allergies. When I was growing up I had my fair shares of chores to do around the house, but dusting was not one of them. Vacuuming was, however, but it did not seem to keep me from sneezing. What I did not know at the time, and I am sure my mother did not either, is that vacuuming with a traditional vacuum cleaner can often exacerbate allergies because their fans will circulate air with dust particles in it.