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Proven Ventilation Systems from Plastec Ventilation

Plastec Ventilation, Inc. is the North American subsidiary of SEAT Ventilation, located in Verniolle, France. We offer durable, cost effective, and low noise industrial blowers. PLASTEC exhaust systems are currently distributed in 70 countries and across 5 continents. Our extensive experience in the field of fume extraction systems means we can help find the best solution for your needs.

The Ins and Outs of Regenerative Blowers

Vacuum blowers work just like a vacuum, but rather than suck a material up, the blowers blow materials out. Many industrial vacuums can become both blowers or suckers, depending on how the system is set up. One type of vacuum blower that many factories use is the regenerative blower.

A Contradiction That Works

Contradictions are interesting to wrap your head around, especially when the contradiction is useful in a particular device. However, in manufacturing or different industries machines are sometimes capable of using these contradicts, often times they are built into the products. Two prominent examples are a leaf blower or a shop vacuum. These two pieces of machinery have the capability to accomplish both suction and blowing processes with ease.

Regenerative Blowers are Efficient and Economical

There are a lot of reasons why regenerative blowers are valuable utilities for their users. No one benefit is necessarily more meaningful or significant than another, but one of the most easily recognizable benefits of these blowers is their low level of required monitoring and maintenance.

Blowers’ Contribution to American Manufacturing

Blowers make an important contribution to the quality of American manufactured products. Does that seem like a stretch? Consider the following. One of the reasons why the United States has come to distinguish itself as a manufacturing superpower is the quality of its products. Products manufactured in the United States have a reputation for quality craftsmanship, and they set the standard against which manufactured products from other countries are measured. There are many reasons why American manufactured products often are superior in quality to products manufactured elsewhere. The principal difference between American manufacturers and their competitors is that standards in American manufacturing are very high.