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Transbotics Corporation Leading the Industry in Automatic Guided Vehicles

From their humble beginning as few Swedish engineers to the highly successful AGV Controls Company it is today, Transbotics Corporation continues as a leader in Automatic Guided Vehicles and Carts. We specialize in the design, installation, and support of AGVs and AGCs including custom engineered vehicles made from reliable, proven material handling solutions for production and warehouse equipment.

Human Error: The Source of Many Hazards

Robots and automatically guided vehicles are normally predictable machines, programmed to perform repetitive tasks. Humans, on the other hand, are sporadic and impulsive. Couple these two variables together and there is a potential risk for injury. This is why the most common source of hazard in the industrial setting, where robots are involved, is human error. Much of the time when injuries occur they happen during programming and maintenance. The biggest problem in robot and automatic guided vehicle related injury is over familiarity with the machine.

Automatic Guided Vehicle Innovations and 3D User Interfaces

Efficiency is key to making any automatic guided vehicle system a worthwhile investment. Many turn to these innovated material handling devices to increase workflow while reducing physical labor costs as well as improving the safety conditions of their work zones. The software which controls these automatic robots needs to be flexible enough to adapt to changes but reliable enough to perform the repetitive actions without failure. Although AGV systems are typically a costly investment the advantages save an extensive amount of time and money in the long run. Newer 3D user interfaces allow for a fully controllable experience for navigating the all of the AGV units.

Automatic Guided Vehicles in the Healthcare Industry

Automatically guided vehicles have dramatically increased the efficiency of the material handling industry as well as many manufacturing processes. Lately, automatic guided vehicle companies have been spreading to new markets. One such market is the medical industrial, more specifically hospitals. AGVs have been becoming increasing popular in the healthcare industry due to the AGVs efficiency in completing repetitive tasks. I’ve never been in a hospital where automatically guided vehicles bring patients food and linens, but then again, I’ve never been in that many hospitals (knock on wood).