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Savant Automation Offering a Full Line of Automatic Guided Vehicles and Carts

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Savant Automation sells engineers, installs, and services a full line of Automatic Guide Vehicle Systems and Automatic Guided Carts. We are a full service AGV/AGC with 24 hour customer support for all of our customers. Our staff has over a combined 20 years of AGV experience and we continue to supply hundreds of companies in all sorts of industries. We offer some of the most innovative and dynamic AGV and AGC systems available today, providing new technologies and solutions for companies across the nation.

Bring It Here

Have you ever been working on a job or on a line and needed more supplies, but could not leave your location or simply did not want to leave the site? Leaving a job to go restock supplies and lug them over can be a real pain. However, there is a solution to retrieve those supplies without using your energy or the man power of someone else. The solution could be an automated guided vehicle or AGV. There are several uses for automated guided vehicles, as well as a number of guidance systems to help them navigate to their destination, properly and safely. On a jobsite, there could be a number of uses for AGV, but in the warehouse or on the jobsite where more supplies are needed a towing vehicle would be a great advantage.

Product Handling As Easy As AGC

Striving for better safety, efficiency and profitability many factories have transferred some of their work load to automatic guided carts or AGC. In doing so, these carts are able to be programmed to do specific tasks with perfect repeatability increasing process flow. The carts make for a low cost solution in an industry that is looking to increase the items listed above. There are several types of automatic carts along with a number of different guiding mechanisms and fixed paths. A commonly used AGC is a tugger.