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Rimer Enterprises, Inc: Investment Casting Leaders

Rimer Enterprises, Inc. is a dedicated leader in the investment casting industry. We are located in Waterville, Ohio and serve a multitude of industries. Our company boasts over 60 years of experience and our own tooling shop with state-of-the-art machines. Our complete investment casting capabilities produce top quality results to meet each of our customer’s unique and specific needs. From start to finishing our management team and skilled engineers work to provide the best service possible while still controlling the cost of the products.

Aluminum Investment Castings

There are so many ways to cast metals including die casting and permanent mold casting, and some methods are centuries old. To cast a metal simply means that you have a mold or cast into which you place heated or liquid metal and then press the metal into the mold or die so that it takes the shape you need it to. Aluminum is apopular metal used in the casting process because aluminum is a lightweight metal that is also very strong and relatively inexpensive.