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Turn to JSM Custom Engineered for Reliable Aluminum Extrusions

At JSM Custom Engineered Products Inc. we fabricated precise aluminum extrusions for a variety of industries. Whether you are in need of front panels, heat sinks, enclosures, handles, fixtures, or custom extrusions, our seasoned professionals will work alongside you to create a custom designed solution for you. We are committed to always providing top of the line quality in both our products and service. We are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

4 Advantages to a One-Site Extrusion Plant

When it comes to the aluminum extrusion process and the creation of different aluminum shapes, there are two different methods of creating the necessary aluminum parts. In one method, a factory will recycle old aluminum and make new aluminum, forming the metal into billets. The billets are then sent to another factory that transforms the billets into useable aluminum shapes. A third factory may sell the parts to customers. In the second manufacturing method, all parts of the aluminum manufacturing process occur under one roof. A single factory refines the aluminum, makes billets, and transforms the billets into aluminum pieces and sells them directly to customers.

The Butcher, The Baker, The Aluminum Extrusion Maker

If you manufacture aluminum, then you are well aware of the extrusion process and why it is so necessary in making the wide range of metal parts used throughout every industry for many applications. For a layman like myself, though, understanding what the extrusion process entails may not come so easily, which is why I like to compare it to decorating a cake. Whether or not you’ve spent any time in the kitchen baking, we’ve all seen it being done, whether by a family member or some TV personality on the cooking channel; that cone shaped, frosting filled plastic bag used to decorate all manners of baked goods. The extrusion process, simply put, is just like that–by filling the bag with frosting and forcing it through a decoratively shaped hole at the bag’s tip, the frosting is extruded and formed in the same way aluminum is when being processed in a extrusion machine. Extrusion is an efficient process that manufacturers use to form and fabricate the many kinds, shapes and configurations of aluminum parts in demand throughout the many and varying industries and involves pushing aluminum stock through one or more dies by way of an appropriately named tool called a ram. Depending on the intended use of the aluminum part, temperatures vary from cold to hot.

The Many Forms of Aluminum Extrusions

Anteros is referred to as the god of requited love in Greek mythology. An English 19th century experimental sculptor by the name of Sir Alfred Gilbert made a highly-regarded and, in my opinion, very beautiful representation of her which can still be viewed atop the Piccadilly Circus memorial fountain in London, England. One of its many noteworthy characteristics includes its rank as one of the first statues to be cast in aluminum— a metal considered to be extremely exotic during those days due to the high cost of extracting it from beneath the Earth’s crust.

Richardson Metals, Inc. Manufactures Outstanding Aluminum Extrusions

Richardson Metals, Inc. has manufacturing experiences since 1980 and over the years this company has gained a reputation as a “Just-In-Time” supplier. Richardson Metals, Inc. offers a number of benefits integrated into their aluminum extrusions. This forward-thinking manufacturer provides their customers with high-end solutions that come in a variety of materials including aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel and plastics. Each material offers different advantages and the experts at Richardson Metals, Inc. can assist you with determining the best materials for your application. Their cost-effective machinery requires less setup time which results in quick turnaround on all orders. Richardson Metals, Inc. is a proud member of the Aluminum Extrusions Council and this turnkey supplier works hard to provide you with premium solutions.

Gearing up for the Aluminum Extrusion Spike

Aluminum extruders are expecting a spike in the demand for extruded aluminum parts in the next few months. The expected demand increase is largely due to the series of natural disasters recently seen in the United States and other parts of the world, including Hurricane Sandy. The devastation from these storms have necessitated an increase in construction and new development. Extruded aluminum parts are widely used in the construction market, so it is not surprising that the demand for these products will increase in the near future.