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Comp-Air Ohio Offers Great Products and Service

Comp-Air Ohio, located in North Royalton, Ohio is a full service supplier and installer of industrial air compressors, dryers and nitrogen generators. We run a 28,000 sq. ft. facility with in-house fabrication and machine shop. We employ some of the best licensed refrigeration technicians and electrical contractors. Comp-Air has been a leading manufacturer of air compressors, dryers, and filtration equipment since 1977.

Central Air Compressor: Top Quality Air Compressors

Central Air Compressor is a top, trusted supplier of high quality and energy efficient air compressors. We have been serving the industry since 1959 and have been providing quality service and products since we first opened our doors. With a well-trained service team and factory trained technicians offering support and 24 hour emergency operation services, we have been providing customers with excellent customer service. Central Air Compressor is located in Warren, Michigan and serves a large customer base. Our company provides complete system engineering and design as well as custom unit build ups among many other services.

Will Harnessing Compressed Air Power Mean Big Business for Manufacturers?

Compressed air equals power, so shouldn’t we be able to use it as the answer for some of our alternative energy and fuel? President Obama has made renewable energy development a top priority on his agenda. He believes it’s imperative that the United States stops relying on foreign sources and works to become the leading exporter of renewable energy. So what kind of possibilities does the power of compressed air hold? Well, foreign auto makers have already made leaps and bounds in getting compressed-air powered vehicles ready for the market, and I think American automakers need to invest their efforts in these alternative fuel, zero-emission ‘clean cars’…

Rapid Cooling of Aluminum Nitride Heaters

Single Iteration, a division of Watlow, has conducted preliminary concept generation and evaluation for several alternative solutions for providing rapid cooling of AlN based heaters. Cost/benefit analysis of the various alternatives indicated that forced air cooling would be preferred for many applications of the latest AlN heating technology…