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Fori Automation: Leader in AGV

Located in Shelby Township, Michigan our company has grown greatly since our beginning in 1984. Our location in Shelby Township is our headquarters but we have locations all around the globe. Fori Automation has grown into a leader in automated guided vehicles and we continue to strive to be one of the most innovative companies in the industry while remaining committed to our customers satisfaction.

The Missing Element

AGVs have been around a long time. The manufacturers have used a lot of techniques to guide them. Some work better than others. The AGV world needs a better solution and it still isn’t here. Everybody , end users and developers alike, want AGVs to be able to move super accurately and repeatedly on open floor; without adding physical details to the manufacturing space. They don’t want to add non-virtual things like slits in the floor, painted lines or some form of tape.

IQS Featured Profile: America In Motion

Established in 2007, America In Motion (AIM) is a successor of the first Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) companies in the world and is committed to continually improving the original technology that made the industry what it is today. From standard Unit Load AGVs, End of Line Solutions, and Fork and Conveyor Decks to Retrofits, we offer quality equipment for a variety of applications and industries. In addition to providing these top of the line products, we express a mission to share knowledge and technology, to educate and simplify, and to take care of our family.

Towing Vehicles: The First Automaticlly Guide Vehicles

Towing vehicles, also known as tuggers, are one of the oldest forms of AGV, or automatically guided vehicle. As the name implies, the main purpose for these vehicles (which look like scaled down Zambonis) is to pull carts/trolleys carrying materials and/or goods to varies destinations in a factory setting. Depending on the towing AGV model, these AGVs can carry from 8,000 to 60,000 pounds. For teams of laborers to efficiently transport that size of loads would be practically inconceivable.

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JBT Corporation: Global Supplier of AGV Systems

JBT Corporation is a recognized manufacturer of automated guided vehicles. We have machining roots dating back to 1884. JBT Corporation manufacturers solutions for a variety of industries including: automotive, commercial print, food & beverage, chemical, hospital, pharmaceutical, warehousing & distribution, paper and more. We put a focus on four important factors: technology, leadership, customer relationships and global presence. JBT Corporation is a forward-thinking manufacturer who works hard to provide the highest quality automated guided vehicles on the market. We are ready and willing to work with your business today.

AGV – Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

As I have stated in a past blog automatic guided vehicles (AGV) have begun to come into fruition for the general public. Automatic guided vehicles manufacturers are no longer limited to the warehouses and factories they once were. As I stated previously in my trip to China I saw the AGV technology on their high speed trains. However, I have also witnessed AGV technology at airports on their shuttle systems from terminal to terminal.

The Futuristic Novelty of Laser Guided Vehicles

Few things utilized in industrial settings can be called “novel” because most of the equipment is practical, lacking the frills that would place it in the novelty category. However, some of the technological advancements in modern machinery have led to the crafting and operating of things most people would only recognize from science fiction books, films and television shows. An example of equipment with an undeniable futuristic novelty is laser guided vehicles. Like something out of The Jetsons, these AGV (automated guided vehicles) are designed to operate without any human assistance, going from one place to another with preprogrammed instructions. In addition, the lasers that enable the vehicles to get from here to there are also able to recognize obstacles in the preprogrammed path and alter the course to avoid the obstacle and then get right back on the original path. Acting like intelligent life forms but without demanding higher pay or talking back, laser guided vehicles benefit the industrial companies that utilize them in many ways while retaining an element of novelty for all those who work with them.