Sweeping Restaurant Floors

Every cleaning situation is unique. When it comes to cleaning floors, there are numerous surfaces that might require different methods. The floor could be wood, tile, carpet or cement. While a mop will work on tile, a vacuum is more useful on carpet. Yet, carpet can faviconget even more difficult. It is one thing to pull out the vacuum while at home, but it is another to need to bring it out if someone spills at a carpeted restaurant. Wiping up bread crumbs is pretty difficult, but to pull out a giant, not to mention loud vacuum can ruin the evening for the surrounding tables. One easy solution in these cases that many restaurants opt for is a sweeper.

Sweepers can range in size from the giant motorized versions that sweep the streets clean at night to the hand held non powered models that might be of use sweeping out the garage. However, in restaurants, small battery powered models are often chosen. Relatively quiet, and small enough to tuck away in a corner, these brushes can get the quick clean that can be needed in the hustle of the food industry. After the table leaves, the server can quickly turn it on, sweep under the table in about a minute and then put it away before the next customers arrive. Often the battery is simply unplugged once dead, and placed onto a charger. This could easily be done at the end of the work day; however battery life from model to model may differ.

While sweepers can range from powerless to heavy duty powered models, the range of each of these levels is equally diverse. A sweeper brush can be found in nearly any size, and its exact specification can be decided upon according to its future use and application. Many brush manufacturers will even work to help create custom models if a situation calls for it.