Strip Heaters: Keeping Our Food Hot and Fresh

Strip Heaters

With the fast pace of American society it is hard for the average American family to sit down for a meal all the time. Most families have two parents with full time jobs and children who participate in some sort of after school activity. For those days where everyone in the family is either to busy, tired or lazy to cook up afavicon meal there are a number of options for some quick take-out. Perhaps one of the best take-out deals is Little Caesar’s Hot-N-Ready. Low-quality pizza never tasted so good.

To keep Hot-N-Ready pizzas…well, hot and ready, the pizzas are kept in warming cabinets. By using strip heaters, warming cabinets keep the pepperoni, sausage and cheese pizzas warm and fresh for a long period of time while using minimal energy. My roommates and I used to get Hot-N-Ready pizzas whenever we procrastinated grocery shopping. If a roommate didn’t go on the journey to pick up the Hot-N-Ready, they were always guilty scavenging for a slice even through everyone was more than willing to offer one up.

Electric strip heaters come in many sizes. They are used in process air heating and can be found in backing ovens, vacuum dehydration ovens and cabinet warming. They are often bolted or clamped to a surface and are effective for surface heating of molds, plastics, tanks and dies. Strip heaters are sometimes used in plastic forming as a means to warm the plastic to make it more flexible for shaping. They can also be used for moisture protection in motors and control cabinets which is why they are a good choice in keeping food warm.

There is actually a near cousin to the warming cabinet that can be found in a few home kitchens. A warming drawer uses less power than an oven and is great for a family who is always on the go. The warming drawers are camouflaged as a cabinet so you could never tell what it was unless opened. These drawers come in varies sizes and can preserve food so it taste more like when first cooked opposed to microwaving or oven heating.