Process Heaters and the Oil Industry

Strip Heaters

The processing of crude oil to prepare it for applications including automobiles, industrial machinery and a variety of other industrial, commercial and residential uses requires heat. The heat is achieved by way of process heaters. In essence, keeping the crude oil hot allows the separation of specific additives and chemicals in the oil which are used for different types of oil-based products. These different types include gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene and faviconheating oil as well as many others. Other elements in oil are also used as the building block substances for adhesives, detergents and solvents, as well as other everyday products utilized by the consumer market. Not only is the process going smoothly vital to the survival of a variety of industries, but the environmental responsibility of handling oil well also requires a careful hand.

Oil refineries, which are also known as petroleum refineries, are where oil is separated and developed into the specific product liquids dispersed across our nation, a practice that is used in many other countries as well. These institutions often work round the clock because of how much oil they process on a daily basis, which is one reason why they need dependable equipment, like process heaters. Process heaters can come in a variety of fashions, but the major characteristics that the oil industry depends on are not as varied. These electric heaters must have direct contact with the oil and must be able to be controlled to precise degrees in order to properly process and separate elements of the oil. Immersion heaters are therefore popular amongst oil refineries, able to be installed within a tank full of oil while the thermostat is being controlled from the outside. Other popular models include the band heaters, coil heaters and cartridge heaters, all of which can have direct contact with the oil. This means that the material of these specific process heaters must be corrosion resistant and very strong, so stainless steel, titanium and aluminum are popular choices.