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Doors and Fancy Strap Hinges

Even as a kid I have always been fascinated by doors. It sounds weird, but old, rounded doors that look like something out of a fairytale. The perfect door for a castle, or the tiny fairy doors that can be found scattered about through Ann Arbor. One item that many of these types of old, thick wooden doors have in common is the strap hinges used to provide motion. Strap hinges are a specific type of hinge that uses long straps to attach to the face of doors and allows for up to 180 degrees of swinging movement. The reason these can be easily associated with the hinges on old castle doors is because due to their size, they were the perfect hinge to make decorative. It could be created out of various colors, materials and shapes to provide additional aesthetics to the door.

For heavy applications, heavy duty models made out of stainless steel, steel and brass are often employed. Meanwhile, in lighter applications, hinges made our of aluminum, thermoplastic and die cast zinc will be efficient. Once the sizing and materials needed are settled upon, different ornamental aspects can be taken into account such as the shape or design the hinge should contain, or the coloring or finishing that might give it something else. I can only imagine the work that must have gone into the giant strap hinges used on old castle doors or wine cellars.

In addition to their use of making doors look even more exquisite, strap hinges are best used for flat surfaces, making them the ideal choice for shed and barn doors, gates, boxes and crates. They can be found in industries including marine, construction, automotive, architectural, residential, commercial, wine, industrial and agricultural. There various shapes, sizes and materials make them perfect for countless applications, and can always add that decorative touch to really finish off a project.

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