Stewart EFI: One of the Largest International Suppliers of Metal Stampings

Metal Stampings

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Founded in 1936, Stewart EFI, is one of the largest international suppliers of metal stampings, slide-formed components, precision progressive die, wire forms and automated and secondary assemblies. Our extensive knowledge of die-making, metals, and metallurgy comes from our many years of experience. Throughout the years, we have worked with virtually every metal alloy, developing heat treating, plating and metal finishing techniques. We are able to provide defect-free precision, metal-stamped components and assemblies.

Our vast expertise stems from the combining of Eyelets for Industry, Inc. (known as EFI), and Stewart Stamping Corporation in 1999, which is where we get our current name. The combination of EFI’s comprehensive knowledge in deep drawn transfer press and progressive die stamping with Stewart Stamping’s capabilities gave us the wide-ranging capabilities. Our expertise is world renowned and we often work with tolerances as precise as 0.0005″ (0.013 mm). We most often serve the military, automotive, electronics, medical industries along with many others.Stewart EFI has integrated the Lean Manufacturing Process Improvement to ensure uncompromising quality. We are unsurpassed in providing solutions to our customer’s metal component requirements. Our goal is to provide satisfaction to each customer. From design through prototyping, product development, and delivery, we support your development needs with thorough engineering and technical support. We design and build our tools and dies in-house superior quality and low prices.