5 Places to Find Steel Tubes

Steel Tubing

The world of steel tubing is large and varied. Steel tubes range in size from just a few millimeters wide to over several feet wide, depending on the use. Steel is so strong, that it is ideal for a variety of uses in industries all over the world, from plumbingfavicon pipelines to hypodermic needle tubing for the medical industry. You can often find steel tubing used in the following places:

Machines: Many industrial machines use steel tubes in the manufacturing process, such as for transporting chemicals from one place to another, guiding pieces from one place to another, or as internal components of engines and other industrial machines.

Vehicles: Steel tubes are often used in vehicles because the metal can mix with other metals to create stainless steel parts that will not rust or corrode. You can find steel tubes in a vehicle engine, brake system, transmission, and even the body of the vehicle itself.

Oil and gas transportation: Steel tubes are ideal for transporting oil and gas from one place to another. These tubes are more reliable for use with oil, gas, and other dangerous chemicals because the metal will not break down like plastic or lighter metals. Many gas flues, oil lines, and gas stations have steel tubes to lower the risk of disaster.

Boats: Boats use stainless steel tubes to add buoyancy to metal boats, and as storage for materials on the boat, such as gasoline or diesel. Boats also use steel tubes in boat engines just how they are used in vehicle engines.

The medical industry: The medical industry uses steel tubes for surgery, blood draws, medicine administration, and many other uses where a flexible tube could not do the job. Usually the medical industry uses the smallest tubes, while many other industries use large tubes.