Why You Should Use Specialized Metal Service Centers

Steel Service Centers

A metal service center typically buys metal from a metal foundry or other metal manufacturing plant and then re-sells it to specific industries. Usually, metal service centers shape and tool the metal into a usable form for the final customer. The reason that these service centers exist is to prevent the metal manufacturing company from having to keep all of the metal shaping and processing equipment in one location. This allows metal manufacturing plants to focus purely on metal creation, while other factories and facilities can transform the metal into usable pieces and parts for further manufacturing.

Because of the thousands of metal tooling and processing methods available, most metal service centers focus on one specific market. One of the main markets for steel service centers is the aerospace market. Although the aerospace world uses many other metals, including aluminum and titanium, the aerospace industry still uses a large amount of steel in construction for airplane parts, hulls, instruments, and more.

A metal service center specific for aerospace applications will offer metal tooling services like milling, waterjet cutting, turning, saw cutting, and shearing. The facility may also offer testing, heat treating, and metal coating. Many metal centers work with a variety of metals, such as steel, aluminum, titanium, and nickel alloy metals.

If you are a manufacturer of aerospace equipment, you can benefit greatly from a service center that deals specifically with your industry. The center can help you identify the right tools and products for your specific needs and can offer insight into the right product for each use. The center may also be able to offer reduced rates because they cater exclusively to your industry.