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The Overlooked Importance of Manways

A stainless steel manway is a portal or hole leading into an area like a sewage line, submarine, or bin. The manway seals the outside of the object from the inside, and acts as protection from the contents inside. Stainless steel manways faviconare used in a variety of industries and uses around the globe, and are an important, though often overlooked, part of safety and protection for workers and anyone in close contact with the area. You can find manways used in the following places:

Manholes: Manhole covers are the simplest form of cover on a manway. These covers protect the manways to underground sewage systems, underground electrical systems, and other underground systems. Making these covers from stainless steel protects them from rust and other damaging factors that make the manhole covers difficult to remove when workers need to access the area.

Submarine covers: A submarine manway is the passage between the outside and inside of the submarine. These are vitally important to prevent water from entering the submarine. These covers are often made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion and rust from occurring due to the constant presence of water. Submarine covers are some of the most complex covers that provide pressurized seals to protect the people inside the submarine.

Sampling ports: A sampling port is a small manway inside of a large container or other storage area. These ports allow easy access to the contents inside an area or tank for human testing. The ports are often made from stainless steel for protection and corrosion resistance.

Inspection cover: Inspection covers guard the interior of a container or storage room with a stainless steel cover that not only prevents something from getting into the container, but also prevents the material from getting out. The covers are opened when an inspection of the interior contents is necessary.

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