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Versatile Tank Trailers

If you have ever been driving on the road and noticed a truck with a large shiny tank on the back, then you have seen a stainless steel tank trailer. Stainless tank manufacturers create tank trailers to transport bulk liquids from one place to another. Typically, industriesfavicon such as petroleum, beverages, and chemical waste plants use tank trailers the most. However, other industries may also use tank trailers from time to time.

The basic construction of a stainless steel tank trailer is simple. The tank is basically a cylindrical shape that is laid onto its side on the truck. The tank has openings in the top and bottom for easy filling and emptying. Most tanks also include legs for storage when not placed onto a truck. Some trailers are completely wheel free, while others have wheels built into the main trailer design.

Although stainless steel is a common material, it is not the only option. Many companies choose to use plastic tanks or tanks made from other metals to transport certain liquids. Stainless steel tanks, however, are the most common choice for transporting food and beverage-related liquids, because stainless steel is easy to clean and will not contaminate the liquid inside. Stainless steel is the most popular choice for transporting large quantities of milk from one location to another for precisely these reasons.

Stainless tank manufacturers offer a variety of design differences in the tanks for various uses. One difference in tank design is the size of the tank. Most manufacturers provide a variety of tank sizes ranging from 100 gallons of storage or less to over several thousand gallons of storage space. The amount of liquids that a tank can hold also depend on the type of tires on the trailer and how dense the liquid is.

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