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Horizontal Storage Tanks: A Spattering of Characteristics

Although horizontal storage tanks can be manufactured from other materials as well as stainless steel, the strong and chemically-resistant metal is by far the most popular choice. This is partly because stainless steel is a very sanitary metal and horizontal storage tanks are used in a variety of industries that faviconrequire a very sanitary environment. This includes pharmaceutical, food and beverage and chemical processing industries, all of which have high standards for the cleanliness of their products and the vessels that store their products. Whether it is a liquid or gas substance, a stainless steel horizontal storage tank is able to store it in a safe and sanitary environment, and is also able to transport it on the back of a truck.

The ability to be transported is one of the major differences between a horizontal storage tank and a vertical storage tank, which is not able to be moved and is also not built internally to keep a substance safe in transit. Horizontal storage tanks, on the other hand, are often equipped with internal compartments to keep the movement of the gas or liquid inside the tank to a minimum. Another common horizontal storage tank characteristic is an automated control system, which keeps circulation moving when that is necessary and also may control the temperature within the stainless steel tanks. Sometimes an ss tank is covered with a jacket that ensures the temperature will remain at exactly the hot or cold degree desired. For dairy tanks in transit this is particularly important.

The orientation of the stainless steel tank determines the positioning of various doors or sealable holes that are installed within the storage tank for maintenance reasons. Inlet and outlet holes as well as backflow, sterilization and cleaning openings are just as important as the manhole on top that is used to check on the substance or gas without releasing any of the substance.

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