Springs in Action: Pie Manufacturing Machine

Stainless steel springs are the ideal spring to use in food production industries because stainless steel metal is resistant to corrosion and is easy to clean. Many industrial food production machines use stainless springs to complete simple processes,favicon like controlling conveyor belts, stamping out dough, and controlling the movement of the food machines. At the end of the day, the operator can simply spray down the entire machine assembly with a cleaner and water to sanitize the unit and prepare it for the next day. The stainless steel springs and other stainless materials remain rust-free, and the machine can be used over and over.

One interesting industrial machine that uses stainless springs is a pie-making machine. This machine is specifically designed to create pies from start to finish. The process of watching the machine in action is both entertaining and educational. The operation of the machine goes something like this:

First the machine places foil pans onto a conveyor belt. While this occurs, the machine also mixes up the pie dough in another part of the machine. The machine rolls out the dough and places it into the pie plates.

The dough-lined shells pass under injection pumps that fill each crust with filling. The machine gently vibrates the pies with springs to even the filling inside the dough. Another machine lays the top dough on top of the filled pies and crimps the edges. Small needles poke holes into the top crust in a pre-programmed pattern to allow the hot air to escape from the inside of the pie. After this step, the pies are sent down another conveyor line for baking, if they are pre-baked pies, or into a freezer to prepare them for baking later. After baking or freezing, the pies are sent to a packaging machine that wraps each pie in a box for retail sales.