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One Unusual Use for Stainless Steel Silos

When many people think of silos, they think of the large grain silos seen on farms and in industrial centers around the world. Grain silos are a large part of the silo industry, but they are by no means the only kind of silo in existence. The main purposefavicon of a silo is to store large quantities of an object with an easy way to remove the items from the silo, either through the top or bottom of the container.

Stainless steel silos are often used for food storage because they are able to keep food safe and free of contamination. You will often see stainless steel silos used to hold dairy products and other food-related liquids and solids.

One unusual use for stainless silos is for storing coffee beans. Coffee beans are necessary to make every kind of coffee, and it is important to keep the beans clean and unexposed to air to preserve their flavor and freshness.

Coffee roasters store coffee beans both before and after roasting. Before roasting, the beans are raw and somewhat moist. Placing the beans in a steel silo helps preserve the flavor and oils of the beans while preventing the beans from drying out too soon and picking up dirt or other contaminants. The silo style container makes it easy to transfer the beans to the processing department for roasting and flavor-enhancing.

After roasting, silos are also used to store the beans before they are packaged for shipping. Some roasts of beans have to sit for a few days or weeks to enhance the flavor of the beans, and a silo is the perfect storage unit for this purpose. It is easy to transfer the beans from the silo to the packaging department thanks to the easy-dumping system included in most industrial silos.

Even after shipment, many coffee retailers actually use a similar steel silo design to store the coffee before brewing. The silo design makes it easy to always use the oldest coffee beans first and helps maintain freshness and flavor.

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