Keep It Clean

Stainless steel is beautiful in all of its applications, especially because it doesn’t rust or corrode, and it’s incredibly durable and versatile; it does, however, run the risk of becoming dirty, just like any other metal. Stainless steel suppliers will often have machines you can purchase in order to clean your stainless steel, but some things made of stainless steel can’t fit into a machine for cleaning, like stainless steel tanks, for instance. Those stainless steel suppliers will be able to give you great tips on how tofavicon clean the glossy surfaces stainless steel offers.

If you’re unable to consult your stainless steel supplier for advice on cleaning the steel, here are a few tips on how you can make your steel shine like new. First, it’s rare that you could go wrong with soap and water. Use a gentle soap, warm water and a soft cloth – nearly any cloth will do just as long as you’re not using an abrasive scrubbing pad or something similar to that. Another effective way to get your stainless steel sparkling is to forego the soap altogether and just use water. Of course water won’t get everything off the surface of the steel, but that’s something you can judge for yourself depending on what it is you’re trying to clean off. If it’s just a routine cleaning, water and a cloth may do the trick on their own; for more stubborn marks, try the soap. Another popular method for cleaning is to use a cloth and window washing fluid. It’s a versatile substance and isn’t harmful to steel. Finally, if you don’t feel comfortable using any of the aforementioned methods, you can always use stainless steel cleaner. It’s specially designed to clean steel so you know it’s both safe and reliable. Again, I suggest doing some research or asking your stainless steel supplier which brand they’d recommend for what stainless steel product you’re trying to clean.