Buying a Sofa- Checking the Spring Quality

The kind of coils present in the base of a sofa can be a big indicator for the quality of the furniture. Saggy, loose springs will wear out quickly, causing your sofa to bottom out and become uncomfortable to sit on. On the other hand, too tight springs can cause the sofa to feel irritating and too hard while you sit down. Before choosing any sofa to purchase, it is important to examine the chair for spring quality to ensure that the sofa will last for years and provide the comfort level you are looking for.

Initial test: Sit on the sofa and feel the give under the cushions. If the sofa feels like you sink into the sofa, then the springs may be weak. However, if you have a hard time making an impact on the sofa coil spring system, then you may want to look for a sofa with looser coils.

Visual inspection: Remove the cushions from the sofa and inspect the bottom of the sofa. You should be able to see the outline of the springs under the cloth covering the base. Run your hand over the cloth to check for any springs sticking out from the rest. Give the springs a push with your hands to test the bounce.

Weight test: Sit on the springs without the cushions. If any of the springs dig uncomfortably into your body, they may not provide even cushioning throughout the life of the sofa. If the springs give too much, you may need a sofa with stronger springs.

Joint inspection: Turn the sofa over, if possible, and inspect the bottom. You might be able to see the supports holding the springs in place. Most furniture uses string to hold the springs in place. If the string looks weak, then you may want to choose a different sofa.