The “Line of Sight” Spray Washers

I have heard and read that when one is trained to use a gun, whether they are being trained in some section of the army or they are learning how to hunt, that the “line of sight” before shooting is very important for an accurate shot. There are stories of commanders telling their troops to wait until they see faviconthe “whites of their eyes” before they shoot, making sure that nothing is wasted and every shot counts. In battle this seems to be a very important point, and it also applies to the most responsible and effective use of water and cleaning solution when using a spray washer.

Because this style of parts washer does not completely immerse the products, they must be able to line up within spray washers so that the numerous nozzles are able to cover every bit of the exposed flesh of a product. With high powered water pressure the nozzles spraying action is then able to remove all dirt, grime and related filth form the surface of the object or part. This means that when it comes out of the spray washer, it is clean. The precision of the nozzles and the water or cleaning solution being sprayed from them is vital to this process proceeding well.

Because a conveyor belt is often used to move parts or products through a spray washing machine, it is also the responsibility of employees to position them correctly so that they get the optimum impact of the cleaning system. When all of the steps are followed, the spray washer is a very quick and effective cleaning process for industrial manufacturing companies with mass production capabilities. Just like the “line of sight” rules set up by gunmen, spray washers are most accurate when they are set up properly.