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Gears Make The World Go Round

There are several types of broaching methods. Today, I am interested in a certain type and that is spline cutting. This method is something I have always looked over but have always noticed. Without spline cutting, however we would not have any gears. Gears makefavicon the world go round, literally. Gears can be found in our cars, any mechanical machine and various other places. There are several ways broaching makes spline cutting possible. Mill machines and lathes are both capable of spline cuts. This cutting method can result in making a male spline or female spline. To add, there are several different ways to get the results of this broaching process, those types are as follows: parallel key spline, involute spline, crowned splines, serrations, helical splines and ball splines.

As I stated, if you were to take a car apart you would find many different types of gearing that was created by spline cutting. Most importantly, the things that make a car set into motion as well as stop are both controlled by gears. In order to make the car set into motion the drive shaft, rack and pinion, flywheel and clutch disc all must be working for movement. The reason splined gears are so important are they produce torque for whatever is attached them. Once the car is in motion you better hope the disc brakes are mounted correctly in their splined grooves or the car may not stop in the way you anticipated.

Where else have you noticed these types of gears? Perhaps you have seen splined machinery on your bicycle sprocket or rear gears or maybe on a wheelchair if you have ever taken the wheels off. See if you can find more instances, if you can do you know what type of spline cut made that piece?

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