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NEW LED Lights Boast Greater Efficiency and Adaptability For Workstations

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Sovella, a respected leader in the workstation industry, has announced a new line of LED light fixtures that are sure to impress! This new addition comes from the effort to constantly provide their customers with innovative products that meet their current needs.

These LED integrated light fixtures are available in single and dual light options, with a variety of cord lengths offered. A great addition to any workspace, LED light fixtures provide a number of different benefits. They are extremely energy efficient, and have a significantly longer lifespan than other lighting options. They last an impressive 10 times longer than florescent lamps. For those who are energy conscious, LED lighting is a great choice seeing as they use 90% less power than other methods of lighting. A unique feature of these new LED lights is an optional magnetic strip that is used to attach the light to a metal shelf. This allows for greater mobility and functionality within the workspace.

LED lighting is a great way to save energy and money in any work environment. Let Sovella help improve your work space with our new LED light options. For more information about this exciting new addition to the respected and impressive product line at Sovella, please contact them by visiting their website at