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At Solenoid Solutions Inc., we manufacture a wide variety of solenoid valves for applications in many industries and fields. We manufacture solenoid valves, miniature low-watt valves, multi valve manifolds and more. Our in-house engineers develop custom solutions for equipment manufacturers in medical, appliance, transportation, power generation and industrial markets. We are able to quickly provide direct quotes and generate a prototype for your project in 5 days or less. We are proud of our rapid response service, because it means you can count on us for quality when you are in a rush.

For over 45 years, Solenoid Solutions has built a reputation for quality through the design of innovative solenoid valves. Our sizes range through subminiature, miniature, mid-range and high-capacity solenoid valves and include pilot, wattmizer low power, super wattmizer low power, 7 series, 8 series and 2 series high capacity valves. These efficient valves will transform your power source into a magnetic power source that will open and closely reliably. We create these valves with the appropriate flow and direction to generate strong long-term performance. Besides solenoid valves, we also manufacture multi-solenoid valve manifolds. These “plug and play” solutions make it easier for you to operate multiple components through a single base.

If you need a company that provides solenoid valves with quality and speed, trust Solenoid Solutions to meet your needs. Get an express quote and find out how our custom manufacturing can benefit your equipment. You will be impressed with our rapid response and we promise that you won’t be disappointed with the solution that we manufacture for your business. Get started with your quote by visiting our website or calling one of our service representatives now. We look forward to doing business with you!