A Trip To The Dentist

I always loved getting out of school to go to appointments with my mom. It didn’t really matter what or where they were. When you are young anywhere seems better than being at school, even if it is the dentist’s office. The appointment always started off the exact same way. They would aggressively floss between my teeth. Then they would blast my teeth with icy cold water to get rid of whatever remnants the flossing had left behind. Just when you think that your mouth cannot possibly hold anymore water, they stick a small tube in your mouth and tell you to close your mouth around it. Suddenly, like magic, all of the water is gone and you are left with your cheek getting sucked into this powerful tiny device. This is followed by a couple minutes of scraping and cleaning, a quick reminder in how to properly brush your teeth, and then you were out in the waiting room picking a sticker from the box and back on your way to school.

Throughout all of that excitement, it is no surprise that I never really stopped to look around the office until I became a bit older. I always thought that small tube was just some magic suction machine that they used, but upon further investigation it is actually attached to a bigger machine. This machine is a small vacuum pump, which allows for the suction tube to work properly and effectively. There are lots of magical devices like that in a dentist’s office that come off as slightly intimidating, but actually have a somewhat simple and unique purpose.

Despite all of those factors though, I’ve always kind of enjoyed going to the dentist. They always tell me I’m doing such a good job of brushing and commend my excellent flossing skills and tell me to keep it up. This angers my younger brother quite a lot, considering I’ve never flossed a day in my life and he flosses religiously and has been blessed with 4 cavities.