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Tips for Choosing a Washing Cabinet

Surprisingly enough, there are a variety of choices when it comes to an automotive parts cleaner. Not all machines are alike, and some perform better for certain functions than others. If you have the choice of purchasing a new cabinet, it is helpful to know what options are out there and what kind of cleaning methods they use to get automotive parts faviconshiny and new again.

The first thing you must decide is if you want to use a solvent cleaner or aqueous cleaner. Solvent cleaners use chemicals to clean the parts and remove grease. They are often faster than aqueous solutions but are not environmentally friendly. Aqueous cleaners are environmentally friendly and are easier to dispose of after use. They can sometimes cost more than solvent cleaning systems.

It is also important to choose what style of washer you want to use. Each style is best suited for a particular washing task.

Drum mount: A drum mount system has a drum basin on top of a base. The drum often comes with a brush or spray nozzle that helps you manually clean parts faster. These systems are compatible with aqueous and solvent cleaners.

Basin: Basin systems are ideal for placing and leaving parts to wash while you complete other tasks. These systems have a sink-like tank where you can soak parts until you are ready for the final cleaning. This can make the cleaning process faster.

Spray wash: A spray washer can clean parts automatically with included spray heads. These systems are the best for high-use parts washing. They include high-pressure spray nozzles that can clean the inside and outside of an automotive part. This automotive parts cleaner is ideal for larger parts or for cleaning parts that are difficult to clean by hand.

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