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The Importance of Sanitization Systems

An entire market is based on the truth that a clean product is a better product, during numerous stages of its production. This market is the parts washers design and manufacturing industry, which provides other manufacturers as well as industrial companies outside of the manufacturing spectrum with sanitization systems. The base definition of sanitization is to render an object clean of faviconforeign objects such as dust that should not be on the object or getting rid of microscopic organisms that could make people sick or end up hurting the surface of the object.

Within an industrial setting, sanitization systems and parts washers are two terms that are interchangeable, both referring to a machine or system of machines that function solely to make the products going through them squeaky clean. For a gears or bolts manufacturer, a parts washer would be used directly after the parts had been cut, to clean them of debris so that the next step of production, staining or painting the object, will stick. (An object with metallic dust may not retain a stain or the stain might gunk up in an aesthetically displeasing fashion). The food processing and medical industry is more concerned with the elimination of germs then ensuring an attractive finished product. This is equally important, if not more so because of the consequences if their products are not germ free and sanitary.

Federal, state and local laws all regulate how well certain products and machines must be cleaned. How this is done has been left up to parts washer manufacturers though. Various sanitization systems have been developed to target different types of products. For example, a spray washer moves product6s through a tunnel-like machine on a conveyor belt and utilizes high powered nozzles to clean the surface of the products from numerous angles. Smaller parts are often cleaned by way of an agitating parts washer, which totally immerses the products and cleans them with a certain type of exploding bubble and solvent.

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