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SKF® ‘Car Series’ Linear Actuators Deliver Custom Solutions for Industrial Applications

Press Release – November 8, 2008 by SKF® USA Inc.

SKF® “CAR Series” linear actuators can easily be equipped with a wide range of specialized components to deliver custom solutions for industrial applications. These compact and robust actuators benefit from high-efficiency SKF ball screw, sturdy gearbox assembly, and high-quality DC or AC motors contributing reliable performance and extended service life.

The actuators in left- and right-hand models are available in three standard sizes (CAR 22, CAR 32, and CAR 40) with load capacities up to 6000N, stroke lengths up to 700mm, and full-load speeds up to 40mm, depending on type. They can be specified with 1, 2, or 4 gear ratios and AC or DC motors, among other options.

Several special versions expand application capabilities and potential. Specific models feature an onboard feedback potentiometer to indicate current actuator position, incorporate a gearbox input shaft allowing for connection to external drive sources, or eliminate motor and gearbox entirely to allow for direct-drive operation by the ball screw and highly accurate positioning and efficiency.

Users can specify a friction clutch to protect against damage potentially caused by dynamic overload and can otherwise customize actuator to match application needs.


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