Latest Insights in the Evolving Digital World

Unique or Perfection?

We are quickly approaching a world in which human work is less and less appreciated. If robots could do everything, I am pretty sure we would soon let them. Students are no longer allowed to write out assignments or hand draw graphs, it is computers only allowed. Paintings are bought less and less often, most choosing computer made posters or camera prints instead. Hand carved tables and chairs are quickly dismissed. It is easierfavicon to buy the factory made models, and cheaper as well. Soon, it will be a world run solely through computers. Just look at all the book stores going out of business now that e-books can be readily available upon download. While many do still appreciate holding a book in their hands, and the imperfections of handmade goods, it is becoming less and less practical in today’s world. Most of us want perfection and precision, especially when it comes to the scientific and medical industries. And another industry able to provide this to their customers is electric discharge machining.

CNC EDM sinker is one more method that is able to completely remove the human error from processing. In this method the CNC processes (computer numerically controlled) is able to carry out all of the commands that have been programmed into the computer. In this way the commands given can be much more precise and specified. In hand carving such tough metals, it is very difficult to make exact fine lines and designs; however in using these processes, this is not an issue. These sinker EDM technologies are able to use electrodes to melt away the unwanted materials in a manner that protects the products from heat and other damages that could otherwise easily occur. Although the hand crafted ways still provide some romantic qualities, when it comes to science, precision is essential, making computer technology a vital part of the industry.

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