Shot Peening Explained

Shot Peening Equipment

Shot peening is a process similar to sandblasting, but rather than working through abrasion to remove surface marks, portable shot peening equipment works on the principle of plasticity. Plasticity is the process of smoothing out a materialfavicon or coating through tiny changes in shape. Basically, the particles in the portable shot peening equipment change the shape or texture of an object like many tiny hammers. A portable shot peening machine is useful for transporting from one place to another, and is especially useful for smoothing automotive body metal and aircraft repairs.

The main use of shot peeing is to change the structure of metal and make it stronger. Often, after a piece of metal has been repaired or welded, the metal and joints are weak. Blasting the metal with shot peening particles actually makes the metal stronger by giving it compressive strength. The process of shot peening actually has similar results to cold rolling metal and other metal treatments designed to strengthen metal.

Shot peening equipment has a variety of uses and purposes for different industries. It is common to see shot peeing used for the following purposes:

Spring making: The most common used for shot peened springs are in automotive springs, such as suspension springs. The springs are shot with the particles to strengthen the spring and help it perform better throughout the spring’s life.

Steel manufacturing: Shot peening is often used in the production of steel products. The shot is blasted onto steel plate, steel wires, steel sheets, and steel strips to make them stronger and hold additional strength.

Metal coating: The round particles of shot peening equipment make them ideal for applying an even coating to metal. The powder or paint is mixed in with the balls, then sprayed onto the metal object to make an even coating.