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Shear Spinning Products Never Require Welding

Shear spinning, also referred to as shear forming, is a manufacturing process similar to that of metal spinning. During the shear spinning process the final area of the spun piece is almost equal to the original flat sheet metal. During the process, however, the wall thickness of the metal is reduced. Maintaining the thickness of the wall is achieved by controlling the small gap between the mandrel and roller. When selecting the roller design, the technician faviconmust consider all of his or her choices. Affecting the shape, wall thickness and dimensional accuracy, the roller has a large effect on how the end product will turn out. Producing conic or contoured, hollow metal products, shear spinning’s end products have either uniform or varied wall thickness.

Shear spinning, like other metal spinning processes, is a cold working process, meaning it does not use heat like other metalworking processes. The shear spinning process is done at room temperature and the finished products are lightweight with smooth interior and exterior surfaces and can be convex or concave or a combination of them.

Shear spun products, much like flow formed parts, will never require welding. They are formed out of a blank, one preformed part that is a flat piece of metal. Aluminum, steel, copper, stainless steel and titanium are all metals that can be sheer spun. Products of shear spinning include rocket hose cones, gas turbine engines and dish aerials.

Shear spinning does not require a secondary manufacturing process such as buffing, shining or polishing. Very little scrap metal is produced because the metal spun part is formed form a single blank. The ability of metal to undergo a shear spinning deformation without exceeding its tensile strength and, as a result, tearing is the definition of spinnability. Spinnability is also known as shear spinnability. Ductile materials such as some steel alloys and aluminum are considered highly spinnable.

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