Blasting Effectively On the Move

Sandblast Cabinets

Media blasters come in a wide range of sizes and styles for a variety of applications. One of the most common media blaster styles is the popular sandblasting cabinet. Inside this cabinet, materials can be sanded and cleaned by spraying them with a high powered air blaster that sprays the object with tiny sand particles or other particles to remove dirt, paint, and other contaminants.

In some cases, these stationary blasters are not the right tool for the job. Some applications, such as outdoor cleaning or traveling on-site blasting require a smaller and simpler set of media blasters. Luckily, media blaster companies have options for portable and temporary blasting structures as well.

One of the simplest forms of portable media blaster is the handheld gravity-fed media blaster. This blaster has fewer parts than many other blasting equipment pieces because it uses gravity to power the blasting action. The unit looks similarly to a paintball gun, and the blasting hopper is small compared to large permanent sandblasting units. The main advantages of such a small blaster are that the operator can easily move the blaster from place to place to clean and strip a variety of products, the unit is lightweight and extremely portable, and it can reach into nooks and crannies where a larger blaster might not be able to get. Smaller blasters are often used by individuals as well as industrial and commercial companies, and their small size makes them ideal for hobby blasting as well. As with any blasting tool, however, proper safety gear- such as eye and ear protection- is necessary to maintain safety while using the blaster.