Raving About Rotomolded Products

Rotomolded Products

One of my favorite toys while I was growing up was this little tike “car” that had wheels and an open bottom. The wheels were essentially just for the purpose of decoration, because I had to power the car all by myself by pushing against the driveway with my feet. My parents were thrilled that I was so obsessed with that toy, because every time I used it I was getting exercise and spending time outdoors. I was in love with the car’s sleek shape, red color and open design. It just worked. I felt so cool driving around in my ride.

I didn’t know it back then, faviconbut I was in love with a rotomolded product. The process of rotational molding is ideal for the toy cars that I love because it is an efficient way to make a single shape, hollow products. The car’s design makes it a prime candidate for rotational molding. Rotational molding provides an even thickness and the products turn out very durable, which makes them kid friendly. The lack of stress points in the product design is perfect for a toy that is going to be used again and again. You never want to deal with a child’s scorn when their favorite toy breaks and you have nothing to replace it with.

In the spirit of America, even though these toy cars cost very little to make, their prices are enough to make you double glance. I recently was at a toy store with my cousin, and I saw that they now have those plastic tike cars on steroids. Just in one aisle I saw a Barbie “hummer”, a shiny black “corvette” and a convertible “BMW”. I didn’t think I was old enough to start using the term “back in the golden days,” but seriously, I miss how it was back in the golden days, where kids had one choice of play car and it was glorious.