Lawn Chair Lesson


Summer is finally here and that means beach days, outdoor barbeques and trips to the zoo. If you are lucky, you have an outdoor space in which to enjoy those beautiful summer evenings. If you are like me, you have a 5 x 5 deck that barely fits a table and chairs comfortably. Not to be discouraged, we try year after year to find a good table and chair combination that will provide us with the most comfort and space possible. Lucky for us, there are a million different varieties of chairs to go on the porch or lawn. They come in all different shapes, colors and sizes and there really seems to be one to fit every need. This makes choosing one incredibly difficult because of the number of choices, but it is quite interesting just how many there are. Despite being incredibly different in appearance, faviconall lawn chairs are actually made the same way.

The chairs commonly used for outdoor purposes are actually plastic rotational moldings. Lawn chairs fit the characteristics of rotational molding because they are uniform in thickness, essentially seamless and molded from one solid piece.

The rotational molding process involves injecting a large metal mold with the desired plastic materials. The mold has already been formed into the shape that is needed. Once the plastic is inside the mold, it is then heated until the plastic material melts and evenly spread throughout the mold. To help with this process and to encourage an even spread of plastic, the mold is turned mechanically as it dries.  After the mold cools, it is opened and the new lawn chair, or other product, comes out. The products come out of the mold as one piece without any openings or holes, so decorations and functional holes and designs must be added after. After the mold cools completely, the chairs are made into the varieties that we see on porches and decks everywhere.