Rotational Molding: Not Just For Kayaks

Rotational Molding

I’m sure most of you are well versed in what rotational molding is, even if you don’t quite know it yet. Rotational molding is what makes things like kayaks possible. Besides the obvious fun benefits that come from rotationally molded products, they also have a long list of benefits that occur in the manufacturing side of things. Rotational molding manufacturers have long been aware of the benefits of using rotational molding to create products.

They are a cheaper alternative to other molding processes, because the parts are molded as one, which eliminates expensive fabrication costs. Because of this cheaper cost,favicon it can be produced in both large or small part form and still stay at a cost effective level.

Since one of the characteristics of rotationally molded materials is the consistent thickness, that also translates into an advantage because the constant thickness and strong corners make for a sturdy and durable product. If there is a need for added durability in some areas, additional thickness or supports can be put into place.

There is a great customizable factor for rotationally molded materials. There are significant design advantages over other molding practices. Customers can usually choose the material, and can add additional features as necessary, such as flame resistant or static free. A benefit for the manufacturers is that this customization is easier to implement since the molds can be changed quickly to accommodate a different color requirement, where as other molding processes require a purge of the current mold. This ability to change quickly saves time as well as material and man power.

One thing about the rotational molding process that is an advantage as well as an environmentally friendly practice is their ability to re use waste or run off that occurs in the manufacturing process. In other processes, there is a higher level of waste in final products that occurs from error or simply from the design of the process. With rotational molding, you are able to recycle that waste and re use it again for a later project.