Industrial Storage Bins, Water Tanks and… Lawn Flamingos?

Rotational Molders

Industrial storage bins, water tanks and… lawn flamingos? What do these three products have in common? They all can be produced by rotational molding companies. If rotational molding could be described in one word, that word would be “versatile.” Rotational molding can be used to meet the needs of all kinds of different industrial and commercial operations. Rotomolding can be used for the creation of heavy-duty industrial storage tanks and bins, and it can be used for thefavicon creation of novelty lawn decorations. It can be used to construct plastic furniture, and it can be used to construct kayaks. The possibilities abound.

Rotomolding is one of many plastic products manufacturing processes. It’s set apart by the kinds of products it can be used to create. Rotomolding is used for the manufacture of hollow plastic parts. The process involves manufacturing a mold cavity that will be used to mold plastic products, placing that mold cavity on a rotating arm or set of arms, filling it with plastic, heating it and then rotating it so that the plastic melts and forms around the interior contours of the mold. When all of the interior surfaces of the mold become coated with the plastic, the mold is allowed to cool so that the plastic can harden. This is often accomplished by waterjets, but other methods can be used as well.

When the plastic is cooled, the cavity is opened, and a newly rotomolded plastic part emerges from the open mold. Rotomolding can be used to produce products of all shapes and sizes, from the largest tanks to the smallest lawn flamingos. Companies choose rotomolding for the production of their products because it is an effective and accurate plastic manufacturing process. As long as there continues to be a need for hollow plastic parts, rotomolding will continue to be important.