Good As New

Many are not quite ready for buying a baler. While they can see the many benefits to having one, the fact is they are still very large and if you do not have a ton of items to bale, they may not seem completely worth the large initial investment. Yes it will cut down on space wasted by having a billion empty boxes stacked in the corner, but it will also take up a lot of space on its own. The average baler is huge and designed to process large amounts of heavy products. However, for those who may need to dispose of light products like cardboard boxes, in quantities that are not quite enough to justify such a massive piece of equipment, other options are available. A more practical purchase for situations such as these is to purchase a vertical baler, and for those who still are unsure of the investment, many manufacturers can provide used vertical balers as well. Used balers can provide all the advantages of new equipment at a greatly reduced start-up cost.

Vertical balers are designed to work with lighter, less dense products such as cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, aluminum cans or scrap textiles. These models are also able to take up much less floor space then their horizontal baler relatives. Industries that choose to use these products are able to save money in transportation costs of the materials later, because the volume of the objects will be greatly reduced. In addition, these processes are able to make the products easier to transport as less products can be lost along the way, and can cut down on carbon emissions in future recycling processes. This is one purchase that will not only help your company, but the environment as well. In a time where environmental concerns are beginning to have an effect on more and more peoples shopping decisions, finding ways to make your business more green is always a wise decision.

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