Cardboard from Restaurants to Retail

While going to college I worked part time at a restaurant as a server. My sister meanwhile chose to work in retail. One thing they both had in common… they both received giant shipments every week. Boxes upon boxes would arrive. For me, they were filled with wine and food items, for my sister clothes, bedding and kitchen supplies. While the boxes were necessary for the delivery, afterwards they typically are not needed. A couple of my fellow employees would take advantage of the boxes, offering to take them to assist in moving in or out of dorms or apartments. But for the most part they were pilled up until they could be taken away. The garbage area would be overflowing, almost unable to contain any more. One thing that would definitely have come in handy, for both the restaurant and the retail stores, was a cardboard baler.

Used cardboard balers can be a great investment for a number of reasons. Balers are the perfect solution to get rid of all the excess materials. They are able to compress and package up the materials, saving space until disposal, and saving on transportation costs as a result as well. Another great aspect of these items is in a small way, they are able to help companies go green. By compressing and tightly compacting the items, they are more prepared for the recycling processes that will occur later on. This helps recycling agencies a great deal. The reason used cardboard balers can be an especially good investment is because new balers can be costly. While they will end up making up for the initial investment costs, sometimes the initial costs are still a little too high, especially for small companies. Used balers or refurbished are able to work just as efficiently as the new models, while coming at a much lower cost. However, you will still want to inspect the product and make sure that it is coming from a reliable employer before purchase.

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