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R&D Molders, Inc. Takes In-Mold Labeling To Next Level


Georgetown, TX, May 7, 2009— R&D Molders, Inc. challenges industry standards with what industry observers are calling the first In-Mold Labeled or IML, round canister with a wall thickness of approximately 0.055” capped with an injection molded, one-of-a-kind closure. R&D Molders, Inc. partnered with Minatech, Inc. to achieve this new industry benchmark using a custom-engineered 6 axis Fanuc Robotic Cell for the canister, and a 300-ton Toyo injection molding machine for the closure.

R&D Molders, Inc. began with a customer’s request for a blow-molded canister along with a uniquely designed mating injection molded closure. After designing the parts, the company tested multiple SLA prototypes to achieve and meet the exact specification required. This innovative healthcare product begins with the manufacturing of the IML round canister.

The canister cell is outstanding in its unique sophistication with rotating dispensing tables for the labels, and an indexing end-of-arm robotic tooling. This advanced engineering goes further, with the blow mold utilizing vacuum lines built into each cavity to hold labels securely after placement by the robot. Also integrated in the cell engineering are safety vacuum sensors used to detect a dropped label, this sensor ability shuts down the vacuum lines and prevents plastic from flowing into the vacuum ports. The canister/robotic cell run on a Bekum H121 continuous extrusion blow molding machine.

The exceptional closure, designed for the 5-inch blow molded canister, includes a snapping closure, living hinge and a 4-section bayonet feature to mate with the canister. The company selected the bayonet feature in place of a pop-on or screw-on closure to ensure end-use product viability and consumer convenience. The consumer simply twists the closure a quarter turn and it is completely sealed.

To ensure high volume production, the closure mold is fabricated using hardened tool steel. Additionally, to accommodate the unique geometry of the part, it incorporates 2 large mechanical slides per cavity, a hot tip runner system, A-side ejection, and it utilizes a separate robot for part take-away. The final assembled product, the progressive IML round canister integrated with the unique geometrical closure is now ready for global distribution.

As medical devices grow more sophisticated, R&D Molders, Inc. utilizes thirty-five years of expertise to meet the complexities in creating viable medical parts. The professionals at R&D Molders, Inc. provides IML technologies, along with cutting-edge equipment to offer precision, repeatability and reliability–factors vital to the successful development of advanced medical devices.

Although IML is popular in Europe, it is now gaining popularity in the U.S. through cutting-edge molding companies like R&D Molders, Inc. An IML becomes a structural element, and adds crisp graphic dimensions unattainable through conventional labeling methods.

In-Mold Labeling allows molders to produce products with a no-label look. The molded products, imprinted with graphic images of unequaled quality, produce a fully labeled product directly from the tool through a one-step process. Conventional methods of decorating molded products like pressure-sensitive and glued on labels, shrink-sleeve labels, pad and offset print, heat-transfer foils, and decals all require secondary operations and additional costs.

“The label artistry captures the customer’s branding, while the product’s technical underpinnings point to an industry benchmark and a challenge to industry standards,” comments Greg Brown II, Chief Business Development Officer of R&D Molders, Inc.”

Brown adds, “Utilizing IML technology really allowed us to create an amazing and durable overall package. We take pride in producing solutions that meet and exceed expectations, while keeping our customers competitive in the global market.”

Housing some of the most advanced equipment in the plastics molding industry, R&D Molders operates a progressive 60,000 square foot facility in Georgetown, TX, just 20 minutes north of Austin, Texas. The plant features a 5,000 square foot tool room and a 5,000 square foot assembly room.


Please visit R&D Molders’ website for a video demonstration.

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