Raptor Blaster Is the Best in Sandblasting Equipment

Raptor Blaster

Raptor Blaster is a manufacturer of high-quality blasting equipment. Raptor manufacturers wet blast cabinets, Vapor King wet blast cabinets, media blast cabinets, Spartan Universal blasting stations, dust collectors, replacement parts, abrasive blast material, air compressors, and Direct Pressure systems. Raptor’s website is full of helpful services that range from glass bead size charts to information videos about Raptor products.

Our Vapor King wet blast cabinets allow our customers to wash, de-grease, and blast products all in one step. Raptor Blaster blasting equipment is durable, built to last, consistent results, high performing, and built with solid construction. Raptor Blaster has a long list of abrasive cabinets that come in various sizes and styles. Some of the options that are available are front doors for ease of use, bright LED lamps to increase visibility, and a dust collector. Raptor manufacturers direct blasting cabinets that are hand welded and laser cut, cutting out unstable seams, rivets, and the possibility of leakage.

Raptor Blaster has various blasting materials and beads of different sizes. Glass beads are great for Raptor’s abrasive cabinets and can be recycled about 30 times. Glass beads are used for removing small burrs, peening, cleaning, honing, polishing, and blending. Raptor Blaster also has brown & white aluminium oxide, garnet, crushed glass, plastic urea, steel shot, pumice, coal slag, corn cobs, and peach pits. Corn cobs, peach pits, and walnuts are organic choices that are used more for stripping wooden surfaces. Garnet is a hard mineral that leaves little to no residue on the surface, cleans quicker, is natural and is considered non-toxic, and it can be recycled many times.

Raptor Blaster also has a long list of replacement parts that includes; nozzle nuts, BNP Blast guns, ceramic nozzles, tungsten carbide nozzles, air jets, mylar sheets, and filter bags.